TAC’s Learning Program offers seminars, in a classroom-type format, on many of its key publications – in particular its new releases. One, or sometimes two, days in length, seminars provide an overview of a TAC publication accompanied by specialized information about the subject itself.

Delivered by subject-matter experts, and often by the original author(s) of the related TAC publication, participants have the unique opportunity to learn directly from the person who ‘wrote the book’.

Upcoming / scheduled seminars

Other popular seminars topics have included:

  • Accommodating Cycling Facilities
  • Erosion and Sediment Control on Roadway Projects
  • Pavement Asset Design and Management

Seminars are held in cities across Canada.  Contact us to enquire about a seminar in your region, or if your organization is interested in hosting a seminar for your employees or others.  

For information on TAC's Learning Program, email seminars@tac-atc.ca or call 613-736-1350 x226.

Cancellation Policy

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